10 Reasons To Buy Canon 90D

Today we are going to talk about Canon 80d, successor of Canon EOS 90d. Previous model has been announced in February 2016, and after 3 years, in August 2019 Canon announced a new model 90d.

When you put them side by side it doesn’t seem like it has some changes, but there are believe me. If you want to know what these differences are, you have nothing left to do but read this blog post. Let’s go:

1. 32.5 MP

Mega pixels and the resolution of your  images are increased. Canon has increased mega pixels in this camera, so this camera has 32.5MP (6960X4640), previous model has 24,2MP. This means that you going to get much higher resolution images from new model. This is very important for those photographers who are printing their photos and for the ones who like to crop images.

2. 4K

This model can record in video mode 4k video at 30 fps. It has 30 minutes time which is consistent with the previous model, but when you combine 4K with Canon incredible dual auto focus, you can have very good output from this camera. Like a previous model, it doesn’t have in body stabilization, so the recommendation is to record with lens that has stabilization.  

3. 11 FPS

It shoots 11 fps in continuous, so those of you who shoot sports or more actions, 11 fps is pretty quick, but it does have limitation to shoot only 25 RAW images if you are shooting in raw format. If you are shooting in JPG it will be much faster. That limitation is due to a fact that camera use still SD card. That problem can be partly solved by using faster SD cards.

4. Better ISO Performance

This camera has higher native ISO (25.600 expanded 51.200), and ISO being higher is really great because you will be able to shoot in low light situations and to have images with less noise. In comparison with 80d, this ISO performance is practically double.

5. Better Focusing Distance

Camera has improved minimum focusing distance. Instead of been 15.4 inches now is 9.8 inches (1 Inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters). Don’t take this literally; sometime this distance depends of lens you are using. So, if you are shooting small objects, if you are a wedding photographer and you want to record rings, this is feature is going to mean to you a lot.

6. Better Auto Focus Sensitivity

Auto Focus Sensitivity is improved on this model in compare with 80d and all previous models. Previous Canon models had a problem with autofocus in low light situations. It was very hard when this was dim for the camera to focus on the subject. Some photographers who are using older models use manual focus in order to overcome this situation.

7. Slow Motion (120 fps)

If you like to shoot video and if you want to have really cool slow motions, you are going to be able to do 120 fps in 1080p (hd resolution). Lot of camera these days have this option, but older brother Canon 80 did not have that possibility, and  that is practically double in compare with previous model. With 120 fps you will be able to slow it 4 times.

8. New Digic 8 Processor

Internal processor of this camera has been changed; previous model had digic 6, new model digic 8, which have better impact on the camera overall performance (digital conversion, focusing capabilities etc.)

9. 9 UHS II SD Card Support

Because we are shooting faster frame rates both for photo and video, new model has 9 UHS II SD Card Support which practically means that on this camera you will be able to use faster memory cards.

10. Better Battery Performance

Size and shape of the new model hasn’t been changed; it is the same like the one in 80, so the ones who have previous models can use same battery on the new model. The battery look the same but new one has capacity of 1300 images, while on 80 d stop on 960. This is much better performance.

Hope you have enough information to make a right decision.


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