5 Reasons To Buy CANON EF 50mm 1.8 Lens

If you are in the beginning of your photography carrier, have kit lens that you purchased together with your camera in the package, and thinking to upgrading kit lens you have, I have a solution for you. The name is Canon EF 50. Because of its low price and very sharp optical quality, this lens has garnered the attention of many photographers around the world.

I am going to give you my 5 reasons why you should consider getting yourself this particular lens.

1.Aperture 1.8

It can be open really wide, and let’s tones light in, which means that you can use very high shutter speed in the very low light situations like concerts, indoors, in the evening, and have very good, not blurry images. Kit lenses are very good, but not that good in low light, have aperture starting from 3,5 to 5,6. They are good for day shooting but definitely not for low light.

2. Does not take much space in your bag

The lens is made of plastic, mouth is metal. When I first bought this lens is was all of plastic, but updated version has a metal mouth which is even better, you don’t have to be afraid that you will damage it.

3. Blurred backgrounds

If you are a fun of shooting nice, smooth blurred backgrounds, that can be done with the lens like this. It has seven different aperture blades, which mean that out of focus lights in the background are gonna be nice and round.

Note, I would like that somebody told me when I was buying. This lens is made for full frame camera, and if you have camera with the crop factor (Canon Rebel cameras, 80d, 90d, 200d, 250d etc) as a final result you will have lens with 80 mm. On APS-C sensor you have to take in consideration crop factor (1,6). So, if you mount this particular lens on your APS-C camera it will not be 50mm, it is going to be 80mm (50mm X 1.6 crop factor for Canon = 80mm.

4. Product, Portrait, Wedding Photography

Very good lens for product photography, you can get really nice and close to small things, but it is versatile enough to use it for bigger objects as well. If you are planning to shoot portraits or weddings it is perfect for creating nice blurred backgrounds.

5. Price

At this moment you can buy this incredible lens for about 100 USD, used one for less the mention price. Imagine what you can do with this lens, food, product, portrait, street, fashion photography for the price of 100 usd. Sky is the limit.


If you are planning to upgrade your existing kit lens, or if you are planning to turn your photography hobby into a business, and you are limited with the budget, my opinion is that this is a perfect solution for you.

Please send me your opinion in the comments.


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