Canon M6 mark II VS Canon 90D

In this blog post you can see true battle between Canon M6 mark II VS Canon 90D. These cameras are sharing similar specifications, the one is Mirrorless, the other is DSLR.


  • They both share 32,5 MP APC C MOS Sensor, which is powered by the digic 8 processor
  • The ISO range goes from 100 – 25600, expendable up to 51.200
  • Both cameras have just one SD card slot

32,5MP is a lot of pixel for crop factor camera, and that is why you will see more noise  in higher ISO, if you compare it for example with 20,2MP camera.

Both of these cameras have EVF. For Mirrorless M6 it make sence since it is a mirrorless camera, and D90 has only when you flip a mirror away in the live view. But when you shooting in DSLR you will not have EVF of course.


  • 90D have shutter speed of 1/8000s, while M6 mark II hgas 1/4000 mechanical shutter. The both will give you electronic shutter of  1/16000s. That means when mirror flip away of the 90d, you will be able to have 1/16000s shutter speed.

This is a first time that Canon is giving you 4k tool readout for 4k video. The problem is because when the camera was announced it was possible only for  30fps/not for 24fps, but with the first firmware they give us 24fps. Also you have 4k capabilities to use dual pixel focus in 4k 30fps.

90D offers slightly crop version of shooting video, but that limit is not for M6 mark II. For the ones who want to shoot 120fps in HD, you can do it, but you are not going to have autofocus and record audio. It works, but it doesn’t autofocus. 

90D Specs that doesn’t share with M6 mark II

Canon is saying that DSLR cameras are still valid on the market, and that they are selling more on the market. Unlike D90 that has EF mount, M6 II use EOS M mount. There are not a lot of M glasses for this camera, but you should take in consideration that fact when you investing in glass. Also, you can find opinion in forums on the internet that Canon may not develop these lenses in the future. If you don’t want to use M lenses, you can buy EF EFS adapter which is giving you possibility to use all EF EFS lenses without any problem, and they are doing very good job.

One thing that separate M6 from D90 is the fact that on the 90d you can put a battery grip, which is giving you possibility to shoot vertical. M6 doesn’t have that option.

90D shoots 10 fps, which is for DSLR camera fantastic. You can also do 11fps, but in this case auto focus must be locked in in the first frame. The 90D offers better buffer  then M62. 

One of the things that you won’t find on the M6II is headphone jack. The M6II doesn’t have built in electronic view finder. If you want to have it, you have to pay, because it doesn’t comes with body, only when you got it from the kit package. It is very easy to put electronic view finder, you just have to pi on the hot shoe.

One of the down side to have external view finder is if you shooting video, you don’t have a place to put rode mike on the top, because you have electronic EVF. Or if you flip your screen, EVF is going  to block the screen. The cost of EFV for M6II is about 200 usd.

90D feels much better in the hands. Canon added a joystick on the back of the camera, which separate this camera from 80d, 70d. The buttons are in the great places, just feel good In the hands, the view finder is nice and bright, because is optical, but other than that it is very similar camera to older brothers 80d and 70d.

You have 45 all cross type focus points, but you will not be able to touch the edge of the frame, because they are more in the middle of the frame, which is not a case with M6II, where you can actually touch the edge of the frame.

M6II has 143 selectable autofocus points that are edge to edge, from the bottom and to the top, and has 88% coverage.  M6 II will allow you to shoot 14 fps, which is 4 more than 90D, but in this case you will not see the live preview. When you shoot 7 fps you will have live preview.


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