Panasonic Lumix 685

G85 is blend of GH85 and G9, hybrid video and photography capabilities. Camera can record 4k video up to 30fps, and it can do recording without limitation.

Majority of today’s cameras can do recording , but with limitation of 30 minutes in most cases.

The only limitation is your memory card, as long you have enough space, you are good to go. It looks almost as a perfect camera.

You can find it on the Internet for about 600 usd, which is a fantastic deal for the camera with that kind of specification.

Thing that you need to take in consideration when we talk about online content:

– 16MP micro four thirds sensor

– 4k up to 30fps- 1080p up to 60fps

– No time recording limit

– Has 5 access in body stabilization

– Fully weather sealed

– Has all buttons that you need to shoot easy

– Has fully articulated screen which is fully touchable

– Has customizable buttons

As a better alternative you have G95, but you have to take in consideration that new model is double expensive. If you are a beginner in youtube or photography, maybe it is a good solution to buy a older model, and for the rest of funds get some additional equipment (speed light, mike, tripod) which you will also need in your everyday activities.Camera has side loading memory card, which means that you will not have a problems to take off your memory card if is on the tripod for example. When you compare this camera with Lumix G7 that has memory card space on the bottom, I have to say that is much more convenient solution.

Video Quality

Video Image Quality is very good. When you plug external mike to this camera, you are able to turn down mike levels up to negative 12db.

In Body Stabilization

The big benefit of 685 is that camera has in body stabilization, and when you combine it with lens stabilization you will have dual stabilization, which is fantastic.

Flipping screen

For online creators, youtubers, this camera is fantastic because it can be controlled by touching flipping screen while recording.


Camera doesn’t have a good autofocus, it is hunting face while recording, because it is contrast based, but if you using manual focus in combine with camera and lens stabilization, you will have a perfect result.

Focus Peaking

G85 is incredible ease of use, it has all the buttons and it has focus peaking, which means that you can peak something you want to focus on the flippy screen.


There is a application which you can download to your mobile phone, and have fully control of your camera. Application is very user friendly. If you are not so close to your camera, you can use your mobile to take control over your camera. You can change your white balance, ISO, focus, just about everything.


There are a plenty of lenses, micro 4/3 is very established lens system. Also you can use certain adapters, and use Canon, Nikon glasses.


Canon M50 – 500 usdCanon SL 2, 3 – 600 usdBut we think that G85 seats on the top on this price level. It has better images preamps, better lens selection, better stabilization, has everything you need for online creation.

What do you think ?

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