Sony A6400 Vs Canon M50

Link for Sony A6400

Sony Alpha a6400 Mirrorless Camera: Compact APS-C Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera with Real-Time Eye Auto Focus, 4K Video, Flip Screen & 16-50mm Lens – E Mount Compatible Cameras – ILCE-6400L/B

Link for Canon M50

Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Digital Camera with EF-M 15-45mm Lens 4K Video with Advanced Photo and Travel Bundle

In this blog we will talk about most affordable mirrorless cameras for youtubers, Canon m50 and Sony a6400.

Features that both cameras have in common:

  • Flippy screen If you are vloging, you can see yourself, have incredible auto focus, do not have to worry are you going to be out of focus. Just tap the screen and you are in focus, and; –
  • Audio if you want better audio you can just plug mike, because they both have mike input.
  • Interchangeable lenses You can always upgrade you kit lens with better glass, they both shoot 1080p and 4k, they have very good photo quality.
  • If you want to use them for social media you can transfer images very easy to your mobile device.
  • Also both cameras don’t have IBIS (In Body Stabilization) which is a down side, but in this blog we will talk about how we can overcome this issue.

Canon M50 (+)

Price: About 500 USD with the kittens you have awesome content creation tool that is much more favorably for the people in budget. The other thing to consider is thing that investing in the camera and the lens is not the only thing you should consider as a content creator. You will need a tripod, maybe a mike, some lighting, other accessories for vlogin. Thinking about your total budget is important for the Sony, coming in 400 $ more just to get started. Additionally, lenses for Canon M50 are going to be more affordable. On the top lenses we recommend for upgrading kit lenses, especially if you want to vlog 11-22 lens. That particular lens costs about 350 $ where for the Sony that lens costs about 900 $. So for the price for just getting A6400, you cannot just get M50 and Kit lens, but also upgrade some other lenses and accessories which is something you should consider. The M50 also wins when it comes ease of use and overall body layout. Canon many is little bit easier to use, in fact they have beginner photography mode which will educate you. Conclusion – if you are a beginner in the photography and videography M50 is better choice.

Canon M50 (– )

4k Video. You are limited to only 24 fps, and you don’t have dual pixel autofocus in 4k, focus hunts and is not reliable. In 1080p you have dual pixel autofocus. In 4K you have crop factor, which means that it zoom a lot, making sort of unusable, except you are using ultra wide lenses or some adapter. You can skip this issue by using manual focus, but for the average youtuber this can be hard in the begging. One more other feature is that you don’t have some slow-motion feature that you will get in the A6400. You can do 60fps in 1080p and that looks great, but if you go to 120fps, that option is only available in 720p. In you really want 4k slow-motion, then the Sony A6400 will be better choice.

Sony A6400 +

Image quality is superior to M50. This is not about that M50is not good, but when you compare two, there is definitely a difference. Sony A6400 shoots 4k at 30fps and M50 at 24fps, but with the crop factor, and in 4k M50 lose dual pixel focus. With Sony A6400 you don’t lose any feature, the focus is same as at 1080p. 30fps has very low crop. Sony auto focus is more reliable than Canon dual pixel. Also it is important to say that Sony fix overheating problems and that it doesn’t have video recording limit. Now, if you have enough space on your memory card, you will not have time limit issue. It functions like camcorder.

Sony A6400 –

Price point, 1000 $, about 400 usd more than M50. Sony lenses collection is not so impressive and it is more expensive than Canon. As you grow in your photography you will be in the situation to invest more funds in gear. Flippy screen is in the way of hot shoe, which means that you will be in the situation not to see yourself while you recording. There are some solutions to solve this problem, but this means that you have to invest more funds. The last negative for this camera is lack of in body stabilization, which you can overcome by using a gimbal.


The overall conclusion is that the both Cameras, M50 and A6400 are really great. M50 is the best all-around camera for youtube, when you consider price and features. If you don’t need 4k,we belive that most people don’t, 4k is still not a mainstream, most computers and laptops are not readu to handle 4k files, and for the 400$ you will spend on A6400, you can invest in additional gear (mike, light, lens). The ones who want to be mainstream, and have better images and videos, the Sony A6400 is better solution. Also since A6400 doesn’t have time limit in video recording, you can use this camera to shoot weddings, promotions etc. This camera can be your money maker.

What do you think ?

Cheers…Your Pick-Cam

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